Software developers!
Team Devatus at Vaasa Maraton

Riding in the pinnacle of the digitalizing world.

Days, months and even years are flying by so fast, it is hard to keep up with the speed of change around us. Due to the pace of everyday life, you perhaps don’t even want to keep up with everything that you maybe should. Then one sometimes stops and looks around and tries to grasp something tangible to build a foundation for a long lasting business.
Actually not everything is changing so rapidly, but to manage the life inside the digital bubble you better be ready to stretch to reach to the pinnacle. There are at least three key parties who should keep up with the pace of the digital evolution.
First ones are the customers who are looking to find the right digitalisation partner. Another one are the professionals creating the digitalized world, software engineers, designers, mathematicians etc. Then we have the third one who is trying to connect the customers and the people who actually do the work, these were used to be called software companies, nowadays proper alias could be digitalisation partner.
These three parties have to fit together, otherwise the machine won’t run too long. This has been the area where we have built our business, connected customers and software professionals. There are infinite variables which are changing all the time in this holy triangle. Customers have needs they wish to be fulfilled, they can’t really do it alone. They need help from someone who knows how to do it. There tends to be tight schedules and sometimes unrealistic end-customer needs which have been promised to be filled with the new digital product. Then there are the professionals and future professionals who need to continuously develop their competence in order to solve the customers various needs.
I thought I´d make a shortlist of what I see as the key ingredients to make this machine work:
– Honesty – you better disappoint early, the customer and the employee. Tell the bad news right away, they tend to grow when hidden.
– Prioritise – Focus on the things you are good at. It doesn’t make sense to do everything a bit, consider what is the value you can add.
– Challenge – If the customer wants to do something in a specific way, it won’t do harm to ask why?
– Responsibility – Eventually the one who cares will be successful. Everyone can see it if they don’t feel valued.
So in the long run I believe very simple things decide who is the one everyone wants to work with. At least for now everything in the business is happening eventually between the key people and you better get first the basic things right. After the solid foundation we need all the techs, and they will change every day. Luckily nowadays there are good ways to learn required technologies, one can start from udacity for example. Learn from the peer companies, customers, developers etc. and it will come good.
We think we have found our path for the coming years and will share more about that in the next blog text.