Welcome Mikael to our team!
Happy New Year!

Good flow

This year has been a busy one with 11 new talented people coming in, and 11 new workstations were screwed!

Early in the autumn, we also expanded to Turku, where we are looking for new talent from the beginning of next year. So if you feel softwaredeveloping is your thing, just send your CV to us!

In Turku we have a strong team: Aleksi and Vesa! Working at ElectroCity in Kupittaa.

In September and October, there were also a few student events where trainees, summer workers and thesis writers were recruited. During January-February we will make a decision about how many students we can take in next year. We will also be organizing a student day at our office, keep an eye out for our SoMe stuff.




During the fall, small changes were made in the office. One room became a lounge/meeting room. One wall were painted and we got a Devatus logo on the wall. We also took one wall away from kitchen and now we have more seats at our coffee breaks. Nowadays coffee breaks are used to playing intelligence games, which appear on the table almost weekly.

In October Pink Ribbon Day was celebrated, we had some pink on us!

Monthly meetings became breakfast meetings, and the breakfast has tasted for everyone.

Here you can also find an article about Finnish software companies, worth reading (FI).







At the beginning of November we participated for the first time at the Technology fair in Helsinki. The fair was good and we got to chat with many great people. Thank you for visiting our stand!

This week we have a morning workout and Christmas party with our subsidiary company Fliq.

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Have a great end of the year!