Career story Elina Keränen

Elina has been working as a software developer with frontend development at Devatus since January 2019.

I didn’t get into the field I wanted after high school, so I took overtime by going to work for a while, and then decided to try something in a field with good employment prospects. The University of Jyväskylä was chosen for the experiment as information technology. I tried the gaming industry, I ended up working in my own field while studying, and after graduating I worked alongside the work. In 2017, I ended up in Vaasa as a frontend developer.

I’ve learned to take more responsibility for bigger areas, and in addition I have tried develop my ability to communicate with other team members as well as with customers.I also learned that “I do not understand everything” is a very useful phrase which should be used all the time everywhere, because it will start a conversation that leads to a better understanding of the issue and a more efficient work.

My previous employee didn’t feel suitable and I decided to apply for other companies. Devatus is suitably relaxed and a lot of responsibility and freedom is given in the work tasks, which I find very motivating. I would tell students to do “real” projects already during their studies. Take schools and project courses organized by others, participate in the development of open source code, go to work. You will learn important things and also have something to show in your CV!

It is not worth staying in a place where you are not satisfied, the atmosphere that suits you and your work culture has a lot to do with your own development.


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