Ostrobothnia as the base for growth

Devatus was founded in 2010 and has just under 50 co-workers.

Comprehensive and trusted partner with a local workforce

Devatus is a developer of digital services. A full service partner, whose expertise is based on years of experience and on the personal enthusiasm and creativity of our employees. At Devatus we aim to provide assistance to our clients at every stage, from an idea to the implementation of aready-to-use, system and through to maintenance. We constantly strive to find new and innovative digital solutions that support our clients’ needs and requirements. One of the cornerstones of our business is the utilization of the local workforce. Assignments are carried out by our highly motivated and committed staff.

Mutual trust ensures a good work ethic

At Devatus we work without a hierarchy, and there exists a complete trust between the staff and management, and as a company we have a common desire to do the best possible for our clients – you get what you give. Our staff are motivated and committed to give their utmost best to solve the clients most demanding needs. There is a personal approach to our way of working. The cornerstones of our way of working are honesty, prioritization, challenging the customer and responsibility. We never promise too much, and strive to only to do things where we feel we are at our utmost best. We test the sustainability of ideas from a variety of perspectives and we take care of our customers and co-workers even at the smallest stages in a project.

Forerunner both as a supplier and as an employer

Devatus has achieved an enviable position in the industry by identifying the customer’s needs, delivering them with a solution that works, adding value to our client’s business. We move forward by assessing and recognizing trends in the constantly evolving digital environment. The most important success factors are taking into account customer experiences and desires and monitoring technological advances in different industry segments.