3 steps in brief about our device QA: DPC concept in brief

Why we are doing it, what is the added value, where are we targeting with it?

You are welcome to read our new blog series about DPC, Devatus Partner Cloud (to note, this is working title and the name might change later on). We have been considering the product idea for some years now, making draft versions in small scale and finally in this extraordinary year we had an opportunity to take the next step.

To understand why we are investing in the development of DPC, it makes sense to understand a bit what we do. Devatus was founded soon 11 years ago. We deliver complexed software projects to global companies. All of the projects are unique, but there tends to be quite a lot of similarities between them. The digital solutions have quite long lifecycles and in our case, there are quite often embedded devices we are meant to develop digital services on top of it 

Now when you understand a bit what the requirements are set to us, we can start to paint the picture about DPC. The idea originates to back to the time we haven’t even started Devatus. It is not that the idea to combine hardware and software would be that new. The world is already full of examples, but since the smartphone times, it has got quite a lot more complex. The expectation nowadays is that you can control, monitor, use all different kind of stuff with you mobile. For example, this morning I have already switched on the heating to the car with an app, checked the temperature with the app (I have few Ruuvi sensors monitoring), read the news etc. Not everything is yet managed with the mobile, but there are huge amounts of digitalization projects ongoing with the need to get to the market promptly with appealing solutions. That is the pain point we are trying to solve with the DPC: We want to help companies who are digitizing their solutions and are in dire need to make sure their products exceed the expectations and don’t crash when starting it up first time. 

We will talk a lot more in the coming blogs what you can do and what you can’t do with the DPC. For this blog I will still briefly describe what we are trying to grasp. 

We want to help companies to manage the versioning explosion. 

We want to solve issues presented by widespread teams. 

We want to have early integration enabled between hardware, software and people. This way development project is empowering all the stakeholders connected to product. It is quite natural that the more there are opportunities for people in the organization get engaged in development, the more innovations there arises. DPC is created to boost innovation by making things visible.   

Our target for 2021 is to have bunch of innovative companies to try our solution, give us feedback and in return we are providing the platform to improve quality and hopefully in the end make our customers more successful. The first early adopters are already using the product, so please check out here to find out more and to book an online demo session. 

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Mika Filander
CEO & DPC Product Manager





DPC makes your devices accessible to your quality assurance process.