We are growing with new employees

The new year has started well and we got new employees to join us. We are soon approaching 50 people, and we are constantly looking for more software developers, including students, thesis writers and experienced professionals.


In January Matilda Wikar joined our team. She works as a verification engineer and fronted developer. At the beginning of February Juha Syrjälä joided us. He will work as a quality assurance and will also work as a product manager.

Devatus is a software development project house founded in 2010. We work as a long-term partner with leading, global companies. We help our customers develop their business by developing and designing comprehensive technical mobile and web applications.

We employ more than 40 experts. Our head office is located in Vaasa and you can also find us in Kupittaa, Turku, but we can actually work anywhere.

We use the following technologies in our work: Java, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, React, Node.JS, Objective-C, C #, Xamarin and C ++.



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