We are here for you

We believe, that times like these, speeds up digitalization and can even open up new business opportunities. We can help you with consulting and with the development of new digital services.

Last week’s happenings due to the COVID-19 virus also brought a new phase in the 10-year history of Devatus. In March, our offices in Vaasa and Turku became quiet, and almost all of us moved to work remotely.

Luckily, remote work has been part of our daily lives for a long time already. So, no worries, high quality code still comes out at the fingertips of our skilled developers – every day!

Dailies and other meetings are held over video meetings. We want to take responsibility for the health of our employees and our customers, which is why we handle all meetings and coffee breaks virtually. We hope that we can enjoy them together in our office as soon as possible again.


Stay safe and let the business run!
Love, Devatus team