What kind of pain points DeviceVault is solving currently?

Availability of physical hardware during software development process is a common problem for most hardware manufacturers. There are not enough hardware/devices for every development team and current remote connection solutions do not serve in the best way. This has become clear for us when we have discussed with several different international HW manufacturing companies. 

At Devatus, we have been developing our own solution for some time already. I started as a Product Manager in beginning of this year for DeviceVault. So far, 2021 has been very interesting and things have progressed well. The situation for the rest of the year also seems to be excellent in terms of future pilot projects, which are already in the queue. We wanted to focus on specific types of companies and use cases that take the development of our solution forward and supports our vision. 

At the same time, there are other interesting projects also, such as Devatus being involved in sparring for the KasvuOpen with our DeviceVault solution. 

What kind of pain points DeviceVault is solving currently? 

Use cases can vary, but the core is how to make hardware accessible for others during the software development process. 

For example, industrial hardware manufacturers can provide their own test lab hardware for their widespread software development teams around the world, so hardware and software variants can be tested as early as possible. 



Some challenges that we have recognized from our client projects:

  • Not enough hardware available for developers or teams 
  • Manufacturing prototypes is time consuming, and they can be quite costly.
  • Sending prototypes & managing them takes huge amount of time.
  • Occupancy rate is not effective, most of the hardware is unused most of time.
  • Teams are widespread and it doesn’t make huge sense to send hardware to everyone.
  • Because there is not enough hardware for everyone and new models & software versions released regularly – testing compatibility is currently really challenging
  • Some have solved current situation with VPN solutions but those have recognized too complicated on some part and usually the other partner have access too widely in the network. 
  • Bugs and compatibility issues becomes more expensive and difficult to fix if a company has only the possibility to test with real hardware just before going into production phase. 

DeviceVault provides a solution for these most common challenges. DeviceVault provides connections to real hardware during the software development process without the need of complicated VPN solutions to improve testing quality.

Year 2021 is halfway, and we are really at an interesting phase with DeviceVault. We have had good discussions with several domestic and international companies about how DeviceVault enable access to hardware for their developers.

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Juha Syrjälä
Product Manager